The Inkscape game art bundle is the most popular online series dedicated to 2D game art creation with Inkscape.

Get all 3 courses about Inkscape and game design in 1 convenient super bundle!

Over 9000 students worldwide have benefited from my Inkscape game design courses.

If you are serious about making your own video games, then this is for you.

In the "Learn Inkscape now!" course you will learn 8 main things.

- how to draw anything in Inkscape from simple objects

- all the tools you need to use in Inkscape!

- how to use those tools together as a system!

- building your own fast and effective Inkscape workflow!

-the 3 ways of creating designs of Inkscape!

- file formats, exporting, bitmap tracing, color profiles, filters, XML, all the technical stuff you need - and only what you really need!

- helpful tips, tricks and shortcuts to work even better with Inkscape!

- Most importantly: You will get a deep understanding of vector illustration! You will think in vector!

In the course titled "2D Game art design with Inkscape" you will learn:

- to make ALL art you need for your 2d game without being a designer!

- the theory of game element design such as user interaction, simplicity or modular design

- the basics of Inkscape fast - this time aimed at game design

- how to create platforms, backgrounds, UI elements and many more

- to draw over 30 elements you can use in your next game straight on!

- basic character design and animation principles with Inkscape

- exporting sprite sheets and files to use with your favorite 2D game engine like Unity 2D, GameMaker, Prototype etc.

In "Design your ultimate 2D game characters with Inkscape!" we will go even deeper into character design! You will learn:

- the criteria of a good game character

- a proven method to get the best character design ideas out of your head

- what sizes to draw and export your characters in Inkscape

- basic animation in Inkscape and creating sprite sheets

- how to draw a robot, a ninja, a warrior, a skeleton character for your game

- what is modular design and how it can help you be more creative and effective

- my foolproof character design formula

All of this WILL transform your game and your game design skills.

Get ready to produce brilliant work!