Your journey into vector design starts here and now!

Do you want to try something new? Are you looking for a free program to create art with?

Look no further, Inkscape is here!

This little free program can help you to create everything you want, from logo design to video game art. Believe me, I am using it professionally for 10+ years!

Mind you, the learning curve is steep. The web is full with small Inkscape tutorials and videos but there are not many guiding you along the way from the beginning. 

The Inkscape Starter Bundle is perfect if you are looking for a fast and efficient way to learn the basics of this program. I am not selling the magic pill: you will have to practice a lot to get good! But these two courses included, will give you all the tools you need on your journey!

Here is what you will learn with each course in the Inkscape Starter Bundle

The Learn Inkscape NOW!  course will give you all the tools you will need on your way to be an Inkscape designer!
You will:

- learn the tools and ONLY those tools that you actually use in Inkscape to make great design!

- learn all about the 3 methods of drawing in Inkscape to work faster and smarter!

- colorize and shape images with ease, access the true power of vector art

- add text, shapes, colors and effects to your images a fun and easy way - no boring technical parts!

- learn all the tips and tricks of vector illustration with me

- create a Christmas Card to put all you learned into practice! 

In the course titled "2D Game art design with Inkscape" you will learn:

- to make ALL art you need for your 2D game without being a designer!

- the theory of game element design such as user interaction, simplicity or modular design

- the basics of Inkscape fast - this time aimed at game design

- how to create platforms, backgrounds, UI elements and many more

- to draw over 30 elements you can use in your next game straight on!

- basic character design and animation principles with Inkscape

- exporting sprite sheets and files to use with your favorite 2D game engine like Unity 2D, GameMaker, Prototype etc.

These 2 courses would cost you $94 if bought separately!

But TODAY you can get them as a  bundle for $49 only!

These courses will make you understand Inkscape and put you on track to create your own vector graphics in no time!

2 courses, Almost 10 hours of content!
Don't miss out!

Buy the Inkscape Starter Bundle  today and get ready to produce your vector art now!