Course Description

Illustration in vector is different than drawing or painting on paper. In this course you will learn the methods of vector illustration, and in the meantime we learn the basics of the free vector graphical program Inkscape. By the end of the course you will be able to create your own vector drawings from scratch!  We achieve this by drawing a fun and simple portrait in vector.

Here is your exercise project:

1- Imagine yourself as a cartoon character! 
How do you look, how do you dress? What is your main visual attribute? Do you wear glasses? Do you have a beard, do you love boots? Look at yourself and make up your avatar. Here is mine:

2- Use basic shapes to create your character
Follow the lesson and create a simple figure while learning more about using Inkscape.

3-Use colors and gradients 
Colorize your figure, create more alternatives if you will! Experiment and challenge yourself!

4-Save, export and upload your fresh cartoon avatar
The final deliverable of the project is a single .png image with your avatar, what you should upload here!
Show off your creation and learn more from the work of others! Have fun and ask anything if you need to know more!

Here are some characters the other students created before: 

Designer and design teacher

István Szép

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher for more than 10 years. I create clever logos and cute illustrations. I like to inspire, share my knowledge and make people think and laugh! I am constantly sharing knowledge about design and life as a freelancer. I teach online since 2013. Exploring new ways to create and sharing my knowledge is what I like the most - so don't be afraid to ask, I'm here to teach!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's get started!

    • 1-user interface free course

    • 2-basic shapes

    • 3-colors

    • 4-path operations

    • 5-edit path

    • 6-gradients and groups

    • 7-finishing and saving

  • 2

    Your class project!

    • Draw yourself and share it with me and the others!