Effective game UI design with Inkscape!

Design buttons, icons and user interface for your mobile game! | taught by István Szép


A good game needs great graphics, nice music and cool characters 

- and of course a well designed game user interface!

I created this course to help the indie developer community to create clean and engaging UI designs for their games. Even if you are not a designer, you can just download this free software, and follow my course! :)

During the course we will use the amazing open-source software Inkscape. Inkscape is a vector graphical software, which makes it perfect for 2D game element design.

But this is not a simple Inkscape tutorial! During the course we will also learn the theory of game UI design, and we will create:

  • several icons and icon sets

  • buttons and menus in various styles

  • 2 versions of UI design for a fantasy game, 

  • 2 versions of UI for a space shooter,

  •  and one version for a casual gem stone game

We will also draw an icon set for a ninja game - that lesson is a free preview, check it out!

Although this is a beginner game UI course, a basic Inkscape knowledge is good to have. I stop and explain every single step I make, but you have to work on your own confidence and skill level in Inkscape.

Important: We will create all the buttons and icons during the course, however, recreating the game screens shown in the preview and used as a base to design on during the lectures are NOT part of this course!
 Also, this is a UI course, we are not working on the UX part of he design.

My goal is to teach You my best about Inkscape, illustration or game art design. And I want You to have a happy and safe learning experience.
If you are not satisfied with your course for whatever reason, just let me know, and I will refund the full amount no questions asked! As my student, You are eligible for a refund on any course or bundle within 15 days from purchase.

Course Contents

19 Videos
10.0 hrs
István Szép
István Szép
Designer and design teacher

About the instructor

Being a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher, I am here to teach you everything I know about logo design, game art and website design. You will learn step by step practical kownledge  AND useful design theory as well.  You will learn to use Inkscape, this amazing open-source software, and create your own art for free.

Follow my courses today and get into the designer mindset! - and please ask if you need help, I am here for you!

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