Course Description

Designer and design teacher

István Szép

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher for more than 10 years. I create clever logos and cute illustrations. I like to inspire, share my knowledge and make people think and laugh! I am constantly sharing knowledge about design and life as a freelancer. I teach online since 2013. Exploring new ways to create and sharing my knowledge is what I like the most - so don't be afraid to ask, I'm here to teach!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • 1-interface

    • 2-first object

    • 3-a kijelolo eszkoz

    • 4-elemek sorendje

    • 5-szinezes es duplazas

    • 6-mentés

    • 7-unioes kulonbseg

    • 8-csoportositas

    • 9-utvonalszerkesztes

    • 10-szinek bovebben

    • 11-szinatmenetek

    • 12-szoveg

    • 13-retegek

    • 14-igazitas elrendezes

    • 15-alma es exportalas