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"To create a great logo, you need expensive tools!"


Inkscape is a great free vector tool you can use to create real, professional level logo design for real clients! 

Here are some of my logo designs from the past 10 years, all made with Inkscape: 

Clients do not care about what tools you are using!  Clients only care about results! They need a good logo from a flexible, professional designer.  To achieve this, you don't need expensive software. You need to be clever and creative, and I show you how!

In this course I cover the theory and the creative process of logo design from the first client brief through finding ideas and creating sketches, until the presentation of the final design to the client. 

According to this, half of the course is about logo design theory and process, the other half is about designing logos in Inkscape - with all the practical tips I can give.

Starting the course you also get my logo design book titled Studylogo. It is a 70 pages long e-book about logo design theory. It covers a bit more what is in the course, and gives a great overview about the topic.

Start the course today and create the best logos you can! 

My goal is to teach You my best about Inkscape, illustration or game art design. And I want You to have a happy and safe learning experience.
If you are not satisfied with your course for whatever reason, just let me know, and I will refund the full amount no questions asked! As my student, You are eligible for a refund on any course or bundle within 15 days from purchase.

Course Contents

23 Videos
3.0 hrs
István Szép
István Szép
Designer and design teacher

About the instructor

Being a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher, I am here to teach you everything I know about logo design, game art and website design. You will learn step by step practical kownledge  AND useful design theory as well.  You will learn to use Inkscape, this amazing open-source software, and create your own art for free.

Follow my courses today and get into the designer mindset! - and please ask if you need help, I am here for you!

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