Create your graphics for a responsive website with Inkscape!

Design a website layout for both mobile and desktop! Create custom icons and a fresh look! | taught by István Szép


This course will teach you how to make your own website layout. You will use web design principles, learn about colors and creating your own buttons and  icons. All this with an amazing free design program called Inkscape!

If you take part in the course, you will also receive the source file of both of the templates and the fonts used, so you can experiment and modify it!*

During the course I am creating the website layout for a florist shop,  but I encourage you to create a site design straight  for your own  business, or own hobby.


Because what I show you is not about flowers! It  is about creating, learning design principles and learning to use  Inkscape!  

The course starts with 13 videos and it takes about 120 minutes to complete!
Of course, as with my other courses, I will be here to answer your questions and add more videos if you need it!
Go on, download Inkscape for free now, and start to create your own website layout design!  This is what we will create out of scratch:

This course is about designing a graphical layout for a website.
So the course is NOT about creating CSS and HTML templates!  

*Sadly, I can not give you the exact photo, as I don't own the rights. Find a good photo that is matching your design idea instead!

My goal is to teach You my best about Inkscape, illustration or game art design. And I want You to have a happy and safe learning experience.
If you are not satisfied with your course for whatever reason, just let me know, and I will refund the full amount no questions asked! As my student, You are eligible for a refund on any course or bundle within 15 days from purchase.

Course Contents

13 Videos
5.0 hrs
István Szép
István Szép
Designer and design teacher

About the instructor

Being a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher, I am here to teach you everything I know about logo design, game art and website design. You will learn step by step practical kownledge  AND useful design theory as well.  You will learn to use Inkscape, this amazing open-source software, and create your own art for free.

Follow my courses today and get into the designer mindset! - and please ask if you need help, I am here for you!

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