Learn to create all your 2D game assets with free softwares!

The Inkscape game art and animation bundle is the most popular online series dedicated to 2D game art creation with Inkscape.

Over 20 000 students have benefited from my Inkscape game design courses already!

If you are serious about making your own video games, then this is for you.

Get all 6 game art courses about Inkscape and DragonBones game design in 1 convenient super bundle! 

Here is what you will learn with each course in this bundle

The Dynamic game animation course is teaching you how to combine Inkscape with DragonBones! You will:

-design a simple knight character in Inkscape (feel free to design your very own character using the same method!)

-export the character properly to be used with DragonBones

-assemble the character and build up the skeletal structure-create and use meshes to animate soft bodies, like cape and hair

-create four basic animations for the same character: idle, walk, attack, die (more will be added later!)

-easily change your character into a totally different version, while keeping all the animations!

In the "Craft your own 2D game backgrounds with Inkscape!" course You will :

- learn about the theory of creating engaging 2D game background design

- learn to use Inkscape for vector game art

and create 4 different parallax ready game backgrounds:
- a simple but hot desert background,
- a galactic background for vertical space shooters,
- a big city background with skyscrapers
- and my favorite, the magical forest background!

In the course titled "2D Game art design with Inkscape" you will learn:

- to make ALL art you need for your 2d game without being a designer!

- the theory of game element design such as user interaction, simplicity or modular design

- the basics of Inkscape fast - this time aimed at game design

- how to create platforms, backgrounds, UI elements and many more

- to draw over 30 elements you can use in your next game straight on!

- basic character design and animation principles with Inkscape

- exporting sprite sheets and files to use with your favorite 2D game engine like Unity 2D, GameMaker, Prototype etc.

In "Design your ultimate 2D game characters with Inkscape!" we will go even deeper into character design! You will learn:

- the criteria of a good game character

- a proven method to get the best character design ideas out of your head

- what sizes to draw and export your characters in Inkscape

- basic animation in Inkscape and creating sprite sheets

- how to draw a robot, a ninja, a warrior, a skeleton character for your game

- my foolproof character design formula

During the "Effective game UI design with Inkscape!" we will create everything you need for your GUI! You will learn:

- the rules of designing  an effective game user interface

-to sketch up your UI fast and make good decisions

- to draw icons and icon sets for different games

- to create a lot of  fast and easy button shapes

- to create a UI that is usable and effective

-to design a GUI that is perfectly matching your game let it be sci-fi or fantasy, realistic  or cartoon!

With the help of "2D game logo design with Inkscape" you will sell more games! You will learn:

- the basic principles of good logo design

- my proven logo design method I use for more then 10 years

- to create logos for all different kind of games from racing to RPGs and horror games

- to find the best ideas for your logo to be more visible

- how to design 7 different logos from simple to more complex ones

-how to use the different tools of Inkscape for logo design

- how to make game logos that actually sell!

And my latest course about "Modular game art design with Inkscape" is for you, if you want to:

-  design unique looking game art for the fragment of time and cost with the usage of "moduls"

- design game elements that are not repetitive

- create a set of cartoon NPCs in no time

- design a whole fleet of spaceships

- create 2D tiles for your game the easiest way possible

- create game assets ready for implement in your game!

These 6 courses would cost you $282 if bought separately! I usually give them as a bundle for $249.

But TODAY you can get them as a  bundle for $69 only!

All these courses WILL transform your game and your game design skills. You will be able to create your very own game assets, and give your game the visuals it deserves!

6 courses, more than 18 hours of content!
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